“Long gone are the traditional, dull plastic food trays, low quality or unhealthy meals, and dreary cafeteria-like walls. We are trying to transform the idea of what a community kitchen looks like,” said Kayla Ramirez, director of community engagement at Project 3:16, which will run the kitchen, Bistro 3:16.

Our Goal is to open in the later part of spring in 2018 with a trendy eatery that allows all to “dine with dignity.”

Individuals will be greeted by a host who seats them at a table with a menu. A server then asks them what they’d like to eat and a freshly made meal is delivered to them. Whether you are able to pay or not does not matter; if a person is unable to pay, they may work at the restaurant for their meal.

Volunteers at the kitchen will also be able to apply and if selected participate in the Culinary Platforms Training Program, a 12-week class that teaches the under/unemployed many skills associated with running a business.

Coming October of 2018

Bistro 3:16

This is similar to the open-styled kitchen that Bistro 3:16 will have. 


Bistro 3:16, a trendy restaurant-style community kitchen similar to this.

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