We are a non-denominational ministry that welcomes all.

Our ministry leaders; Tom and Ann Blickhahn are family

and community orientated with a sincere heart to serve God.

Weekly Prayer:

Mon. - Thurs.          10:00am

Fri.                          11:00am

Saturday Night Live:
Food + Fellowship  6:00pm

Worship                   7:30pm

Bible Study

Tuesday                6:30pm

Pastors Office Hours:

Mon. - Fri.              9:30am - 2:00pm

Weekends Call          970.380.8630    

Value Statement

Faith in God; Selfless-Servanthood to others; Maintain a Personal Alter of Integrity.

Vision Statement

We are a Christ-Centered Ministry, led by the Holy Spirit, to be the voice + hand that inspires a just and loving community commisioned to alleviate suffering + poverty.

Mission Statement

Cultivating an opportunity wherein the future becomes more positive + empowering than the past.


Servants of Divine Grace Ministries

Changing lives; one story at a time.