Changing lives; one story at a time.

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Marlyne Mason
As the Vice President she ensures that we do not stray from our mission.

Denise Williams
Board Member and co-worship leader at Servants of Divine Grace Ministries.

Tom & Ann Blickhahn: Pastors; Founders

Charlene Baktamarian
Board Member, and founder of God's Veiw a syndicated television program reaching millions all over the world and bringing them to Christ.

our leadership team

2013 - Tom and Ann Blickhahn are called out to begin their ministry and along with support from close family and friends start Servants of Divine Grace Ministries which changes their lives forever.

2014 - The idea to feed the community becomes a new mission and plans begin for Bistro 3:16.

2015 - The Cupboard at 3:16 starts to feed Morgan County community members through a pantry that encourages healthy eating by offering fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat. Foods that are essential to a healthy body.

2016 - Tom & Ann Blickhahn recognizes that ther mission is not to just feed people but to be the servant to them that they were called to be. They found Project 3:16 which takes individuals and families in crisis and gives them an opportunity to change their lives by getting involved in their needs and getting them connected with programs within Project 3:16 and the community. 

Diane Kopetzky
Board Member and Co-Owner with her husband of EverCare, she is proud to help her community. Her goal is to help better clients futures.

Kayla Ramirez Co-Founder

Our Executive Secretary and the director of community engagement.

Foundation History

Linda Pineda
Our Board Member is Pastor of The Store House in Brighton Colorado.



Cultivate and opportunity wherein the future becomes more positive than the past.


Our founderS

Our entire lives we have known that we was called to be a servant. Project 3:16 which was taken from John 3:16 in the Bible is just that...being a servant in what ever capacity that we can. I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven people in our community. God has truly blessed us.


We are a Christ-Centered Ministry, led by the Holy Spirit to be the voice and hand that inspires a just and loving community commissioned to alleviate suffering and poverty.

If you are interested in being a board member please give us a call!

Regina Ruedas
Board Member and Volunteer Coordinator is excited about making a real difference in people lives.


Faith in God

Selfless Servanthood

Maintain a Personal Altar of Integrity